Sunfish Sailing Lessons
and other small boats
(less than 14 feet)
Safety is our Number
One Priority!
Students should provide their own
Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) (Life
Jackets) for use during lessons.
South Texas Sailing
Stacy instructing a youth on a Dolphin Junior
Lessons are taught by Stacy Moore. Stacy relates well to kids and adults. A typical lesson is structured in a 3 hour block.  Instruction is one to one
with emphasis on student boat handling. With the exception of instruction on setting up the sail and rigging, instruction is entirely in the water
Qualifications of Stacy Moore
  • Experience in sailing Sunfish and other small boats
  • Sailing since age 12
  • April 16, 2011: 1st place (crew)  Moonshine Regatta
  • May 14, 2011: 3rd place (crew) Longneck Multi-hull Race
  • May 15, 2011: 3rd place (skipper) Flying Scot spring series
  • August 2011 - 7th place in fleet of 14 Sunfish summer series
  • October 2011 - 1st place Women's Fall Sunfish series
  • Heartsaver First Aid  CPR AED trained
  • US Sailing certified Sailing Instructor
Lesson Structure
The lesson will typically start at the water's edge with raising of the
mast and spars, attaching the tiller/rudder assembly, and inserting
the dagger board.

Next, basic instruction of how to right a capsized boat and how to
counter balance the boat by shifting weight is given.

Next, Stacy and the student head out on the water. Students will
be instructed on how to sail upwind, downwind, and across the
wind. Students will also be instructed how to stop the boat and
return to the origination point.

A typical lesson will run up to 3 hours, depending upon weather
conditions and the student's goals.  The first lesson with a
beginner is done with Stacy on the boat with the student.
Depending on the how quickly the student takes to sailing, the
second lesson will be either with Stacy on the boat with the
learner or on a separate boat with Stacy shadowing and
coaching. All Sunfish lessons are one to one instruction.
Lesson Pricing
$  80 if the student provides the boat
$120 if the we provide the boat.

Lesson payment is expected at the
beginning of the lesson. Cash or check is
acceptable. Credit card payments are
also acceptable via the PayPal link below.

Credit card payments must be made at
least two days in advance to ensure the
payment is processed prior to the lesson.

Lessons taught on lakes other than
Canyon Lake may require a gas deposit.
Contact Randle Moore for more
Options for purchase
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Lessons are arranged by appointment. Call 210-286-4392 to schedule an appointment.
"I really enjoyed my time with the
sunfish because I got to handle it
myself for awhile - Stacy was a
good leader"
L. P.  Austin, TX
Lessons Scheduled:

Lesson dates are available
May 19th & 20th - Nancy and
daughter, sunfish
May 26th - Joe, Hobie Cat 14
June 4th - Bill, Hobie Bravo
June 10th - Wendy, Prindle 18
June 22nd - Craig, windrider Trimaran

July 21st - Dori & spouse, Sunfish
Stacy instructiing two 13 year olds how to sail a Hobie Bravo.
Stscy Moore receiving her 3rd place award for Spring 2011 Flying Scot Series
Stacy Moore receiving her 3rd
place award for the Flying Scot
spring series, 2011.
Teaching on a family's Hobie
Teaching on a family's Dolphin.
Stacy sailing her Sunfish.-
photo by Bubba Horner, LCYC
Final race of Fall 2011 Sunfish series - 1st place Women's division
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