Random Humor
This random humor page is dedicated to those
things that I find humorous.
By Dingy Davits, humorist  
South Texas Sailing
June 27, 2010 How to Rank First Place in
Your Sailing Class
 I registered to
participate in the summer board boat series
of a local yacht club with the stipulation that I
would not participate in the first set of races
due to a conflict.  That's not a problem,
since there are 3 races per day and only the
6 best places are counted. Imagine my
surprise when I checked the board site to
check on the winners, when I found that I am
currently ranked first in my class. I love
computers! Only computers could designate
someone who didn't race as first in a class
that only one person signed up for.
people actually wonder why I have no faith in

June 26, 2010 How Motors Get In the
Way Of Sailing
A sailing regatta was
scheduled today by one of the yacht clubs
on Canyon Lake. Unfortunately, the regatta
was called off because the club was unable
to field a
power boat to set the marks. I find
it ironic that a sailing race could not be held
because there were no power boats
I've also known some sailors who
have said they can't go sailing because their
motor doesn't work.
Does anyone else find
that ironic?

June 24, 2010 All Great Educational
Reforms May Be Overcome By Teacher
I received notice yesterday that the
wonderful principal at my school has
accepted a District position. The District will
post the vacancy and select a new principal.
I hope he or she realizes that what ever
goals he or she has will only come to be if
the faculty buys in and is included in the
process. For over 32 years, I have seen
Gung-Ho principals fail by thinking they can
force a faculty to do their bidding.
We shall
see how the events play out.

June 23, 2010 Which Boat Is Mine She
She was angry. Oh, she was really
angry! She took it out on me, but I think she  
was really angry at hubby. It was not what
she expected. Then she said, "You haven't
shown us your boat. Just exactly which one
is your boat? I don't like any of the boats I've
seen. They're all crap." Well Elaine, my boat
is the last one on the end in its slip with
properly tied and tensioned bow and stern
mooring lines; the one with a proper spring
line; the one with recently replaced,
repaired, and tensioned stays and shrouds.
My boat is the one that was immaculately
scrubbed last week.
Elaine, that is my boat.

June 21, 2010 Cats Are Cats and Dogs
Are Not
 Pets at my house amuse me in the
decidedly different temperament each has.
The dog, Dexter, seeks every opportunity to
get on the table and on the kitchen counter
in order to get any and all food. The cat,
Mitzi, on the other hand simply sits by her
food bowl patiently waiting for someone to fill
it. If she doesn't get the attention she wants
she meows until someone fills her bowl. She
does all of this even though there is an open
20 pound bag of food next to her bowl.

June 19, 2010 Power Boat Follies at the
 With increased rain to fill the lake and
moderate temperatures (Yes, I do think it
was a cool day today.), the lake is packed
with many people. A favorite past time at
one of the sailing clubs is to sit in the air
conditioned clubhouse and watch the
boaters try to maneuver their boats to the
courtesy dock, gas pump and head pump
out. Some people have not yet mastered the
concept of "
if you don't go fast, you can't
hit anything hard.

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