Random Humor
This random humor page is dedicated to those
things that I find humorous.
By Dingy Davits, humorist  
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Feb. 14, 2010   All Points Bulletin: Be on the
lookout for this tree.
 Considered branched and
dangerous. Clearly the root of all evil. Do not try to
apprehend. May attack if provoked with chainsaw
Feb 28, 2010 Racing Has Improved My
Sailing, But.....
I've noticed sailboat racing has improved my
sailing, but hurt my driving. Let me explain.
When I'm at an intersection I get confused
because I can't tell who is on the starboard
tack.  When I'm on the freeway I can't tell
which car is to the leeward.

Feb  27, 2010 My Introduction To
Sailboat Racing
I went to a clinic today on sailboat racing at
one of the local yacht clubs. Our fleet of a
dozen boats went out in front of the club
marina about the time the yacht club from
the other end of the lake was running their
long distance race. We sailed by the stern of
our committee boat, checked in, noted the
course heading to the first mark, and the
course plan. At the starting gun, we crossed
the line starting our tack to the first mark,
After a while we noticed all but one other
boat was no longer on the same tack. In
fact, it appeared they were sailing away from
the first mark. They, unfortunately, mistook
the other club's mark as ours.
Lesson to be
: Pay attention to the course
heading to the first mark, particularly if
there is more than one course on the
lake that day.

Feb  27, 2010  Kids Have a Very Special
Sense of Logic
When my daughter was age 3, she had
trouble pronouncing the names of our cats,
Don Gato, Miss Moses, and Sweetheart.
She called them Dondo, Momo, and Bite.

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