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Most Awesome Sail Boating site
Sailing Texas Spend days exploring
the some 5000 pages devoted to sail
boats and sailing. This site has
probably the most comprehensive
listing of sailboats for sale in the world
and a gallery of Sailboat pictures and
Sailboat Data
The web's complete Sailboat Database
- more than 7,000 records with photos
& drawings. Find out about your boat
or the one you're looking at. is the most complete directory of Boating Links on the Web. Boaters can
compare boats, charters, products, and information sources available on the web.
The Black Swan Nautical News is a
cleverly designed sailing website. It is
well worth a liberty port.
Raider Sailboats  - Awesome looking
racing dinghy & nicely designed
Quest Adventure Log, homepage of
Jean and Scott Adam, two of four
Americans hijacked by Somali pirates
on February 18, 2011 and murdered
on Tuesday, February 22, 2011. I am
saddened greatly by their deaths. This
link will be maintained in their honor
and as a tribute to their mission as
long as the link is functioning.
Welcome to the world of Blue Water
Rallies.  We pride ourselves in being
experts at supporting yachts as they
move around the world, and in creating
rallies of a convivial, happy nature;
where our participants revel in the
pleasures of getting to know each
other well and building strong
At Sail Again(TM,) we recycle sails to
create a wide range of travel gear. The
gear is handmade from recycled sails
and 420 Denier Nylon Pack Cloth.  The
products are lightweight, durable,
water and mildew resistant and
colorfast. Each bag is unique with no
two bags exactly alike, but each a
souvenir of the sea.
Boat Paradise  Boat Paradise is a
website is featuring boats for sale.
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Mangolandia - We are Jaxon and
Caye, we recently started our life
aboard our sailboat, Surkha – a
Ranger 28. After discussing the desire
to go sailing since the day we met and
all through school, we finally started
our life aboard in August 2011. In mid-
September we took off with the
purpose of taking Surkha down the
Great Lakes and different rivers into
the Gulf Coast, by mid-November we
arrived at Mobile, AL. After the
holidays, we will continue our life
Here is a link for a really good academic tutor in San Antonio. My daughter has
been with him for over 5 years. He has gotten her through Math, a subject that is
difficult for her.
anyone considering sailing in the San
Juans I have started producing
destination videos about the islands.
The videos cover the different
anchorages, approaches, where to pull
out the dingy, and what's on shore.
Occasionally you'll see a shot with my
Vagabond 17. Sucia Island is my
favorite destination. You can check out
the videos at
Sailing Instructor
Math Tutoring