Hey! I bought this boat a couple of weeks
ago. Can you teach me how to sail it?  
Sure, We Can!
South Texas Sailing
Stacy instructing a youth on a Dolphin Junior
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Stacy instructiing two 13 year olds how to sail a Hobie Bravo.
Teaching on a family's Hobie
Teaching on a family's
Stacy sailing her Sunfish.-
photo by Bubba Horner,
Final race of Fall 2011 Sunfish series - 1st place Women's division
For prior arranged, special pricing not
included in the standard menu,
use the
Paypal "donation" link below
.. It is
understood this is a purchase and not
donation. This button  will allow flexible
$$ amounts to be entered.
14 foot and less
$100 per 3-hour lesson.
$180 per 6-hour lesson
(Save $20)
Lesson may be for more
than one student
If multiple students wish to
share a lesson, multiple 3-
hour blocks should be
scheduled so that each
student receives adequate
instruction and practice
time. It is the instructor’s
discretional judgment to
determine the safe capacity
of the boat.
14 feet to 16 feet  
$100 3-hour lesson 1 person.
$180 3-hour lesson 2 persons
(Save $20)
$180 6-hour lesson 1 person
(Save $20)
$360 6-hour lesson 2 persons
(Save $40)
Boats greater than 14 feet in
length provide for greater crew
capacity, but also tend to be more
complex and have more
requirements under Texas laws
and USCG regulations. It is the
instructor’s discretional judgment
to determine the safe capacity of
the boat.
Greater than 16 feet
$180 1 day lesson per
$342 2 day lesson per
(Save $18)

It is expected students’ boat
will be “seaworthy” for the
location and conditions in
which it is used. Students are
reminded boats of 14 feet and
greater, when used on public
waters, should be registered
with Texas Parks and Wildlife.
All boats must have a properly
fitting personal flotation
device (PFD) for each person
aboard and a sound
producing device. Boats of
length 16 feet or more require
a throwable (Type IV) PFD.
There are additional Texas
requirements for boats with
gasoline motors. Here is a link
that explains Texas
TPWD Safety
Requirements for Vessels It is
the instructor’s discretional
judgment to determine the
safe capacity of the boat.
Disclaimer regarding motors:
South Texas Sailing and those persons
associated with South Texas Sailing do not
teach the operation of or maintenance of
We teach sailing. If your boat requires
the use of a motor to be moved into a sailable
location, it will be up to you to operate the
motor. This situation most often occurs when
departing from a slip in a marina.
Our Experience with various boats:
Our instructional fleet of boats include Sunfish,
Flying Scot, and a Columbia 26. Other boats
we have had experience with include
Bravo catamaran
, Dolphin Senior, Holder 14,
Sunspot 14, Widrider 17 Trimaran, Hunter
, Catalina 22, MacGregor 19, Starwind 19,
Transfusion 12.1, Holder 12, Howmar 12,
Venture 222, and multiple
Sunfish clones.
Our Qualifications:
Randle B. Moore
U.S. Sailing certified Sailing Instructor
Texas Parks and Wildlife certifed  Boater
Education Instructor
Boy Scouts of America
Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge
Hill Country Yacht Club Youth
Lake Canyon Yacht Club - Member of
Youth Sailing Committee
Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED trained

Stacy Moore
Experience in sailing Sunfish and other small
Sailing since age 12
Experienced Sunfish and Flying Scot racer
Heartsaver First Aid  
CPR AED trained
US Sailing certified Sailing Instructor
(Counselor until age 18)
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Lessons are
available at your
location on your
, if within 300
miles of San Antonio.
Full rates and travel
surcharge applies.
Have you ever noticed sailing
schools and instructors are
somewhere other than where
your boat is. We now are
available to travel to where
you and your boat are!
Learning on Your Boat - Options
For lessons at your
location, refer to Travel
Surcharge by lake at
bottom of the page.
Call Today to schedule a lesson!
Call Today to schedule a lesson!
Learning on Your Boat - Options
for lessons taught on Canyon
Lake or San Antonio area lakes.
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