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Instructional Boat, A Flying Scot,  Sailing near LCYC - Photo Courtesy of Bubba Horner
Sailing in 20 to 30 mph winds 4/10/11. Photo courtesy of Bubba Horner, LCYC.
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U.S. Sailing                    
Small Boat Sailor Certification
Small Sailing Boats -
"Centerboards"  and
"Daysailing Keelboats"

Small boats, for many, are a simple and
inexpensive way to get started in sailing. It is
here that the basics of sailing are most easily
learned. Some small boats are designed
specifically for youth, but most provide a
lifetime of enjoyment for adults too.  

Generally, small boats, are under 25 feet in
length. They include a wide assortment of
dinghies (open cockpit), daysailers (with
foredecks and gear enclosures) and small
day sailing keelboats. Because of their size
and simplicity, many small sailboats can be
sailed single handed or with a single
crewmember. Their performance,
depending on design, may range from
‘stable and relaxing’ to ‘wet and wild’.

US Sailing was originally organized as the
North American Yacht Racing Union
(NAYRU) on October 30, 1897. As the
National Governing Body for the sport of
sailing, US Sailing's mission is to provide
leadership for the sport of sailing in the
United States. The organization works to
achieve this mission through a wide range of
programs and events, geared towards
providing an equal level playing field for all
sailors. US Sailing sets the course enabling
sailors to enjoy the sport for a lifetime.

For first-time sailors, US Sailing
ensures that they will learn from
experienced and certified instructors
who follow national guidelines and are
trained using a nationwide curriculum.
4 Day Comprehensive
Small Boat Sailor Certification Course
The Small Boat Sailor Certification Course is designed to advance your sailing skills from novice to
proficient and confident sailor. Classroom instruction is kept to a minimum. The majority of the course
will be spent on the water learning and practicing skills. Skills needed for certification will be evaluated
by hands-on demonstration, i.e.
No written tests!
Upon registration (50% tuition deposit required) you will be sent a confirmation of enrollment.  You
will also receive a detailed course syllabus and  schedule.
Your certification will open a new and exciting world to you. Your certification card will demonstrate
to sailboat rentals that you are qualified to rent their boats.
                                 Why Become
                      Small Boat Sailor Certified

  1. Many sailboat rentals require official documentation of sailing proficiency. It is easy to sail
    downwind; Coming home is another matter.
  2. Becoming certified demonstrates your confidence and skill.
  3. Becoming certified provides you a lifelong skill that may be shared with your family and friends.
Small Boat Sailor Certification
Course Proficiencies
Small Boat Sailing General Skills
  • Wind Direction
  • Rigging / Unrigging
  • Knots / Lines
  • Rules of the Road
Small Boat Sailor Boat Handling Skills
  • Departing / Landing
  • Steering
  • Safety Position
  • Tacking
  • Points of Sail
  • Jibing
  • Capsize Recovery
  • Overboard recovery
  • Getting Out of Irons
  • Upwind Sailing
Tuition for number of
students at time of
1 - $595
2 - $995
3 - $1395
4 - $1795
Four students is the maximum number
for a class
One student is the minimum number for a
Please read Disclosures, Policies, and
FAQ before making a purchase.
Required Texts:
Both texts MUST be brought to class.
Learn Sailing Right!  Beginning Sailing -
The Small Boat Certification Series
Small Boat Sailor Certification Record
Book -  "The Little Red Book"
Both of
these may be ordered directly from
You may also order Learn Sailing Right!
below. The DVD is recommended but
not required and will not be used for
course instruction.
# of Students Deposit / Balance
# of Students Full Payment