Basic Knowledge:
  • Safe Sailboat Operating Procedures
  • Texas Boat Safety Requirements
  • Knots and How They Are Used
  • How to Properly Secure Your Boat At The Dock
  • Right of Way Rules

Sailing Techniques:
  • How to sail with the wind, against the wind, and across the
  • How to leave and return to a dock under sail
  • How to Heave-to and Man Overboard Recovery

(Specific skills covered in lesson are subject to wind and
weather conditions. Safety is always our number 1
Standard Sailing Lessons On
Lake LBJ / Inks lake / Lake Buchanan
Safety is our Number
One Priority!
We provide Personal Flotation Devices
(PFD) (Life Jackets) for use during

Mid November through the end of
March, ALL passengers in the cockpit
or on boat deck
wear a PFD.

Curricular Materials
Upon signing up for a lesson, I will
email you a syllabus with helpful
information to prepare you for your
South Texas Sailing
Click HERE to
check available
"We certainly enjoyed the day. It was
a good learning experience and very
relaxing. We're looking forward to
sailing with you in the future."
- Brandon
Randle Moore encouraging a new sailor
"I enjoyed our sailing lesson over the
weekend, and feel that I learned a
"boat-load". Thank you so much for
your time and expertise. It was truly a
-- Susan
The Best Sailing
Season is Fall -
Cooler temps and
steady winds!

Sign up now for a 1
Day or 2 Day sailing
My daughter and I sailing our Flying Scot
The instruction boat below is a Flying Scot. It has a large roomy
cockpit ( 8 feet long) and is quite comfortable for a class of 3
students plus instructor. Our lead instructor holds
Small Boat Sailing Instructor certification
Photo courtesy of Bubba Horner, March 13, 2011
April 3, 2011
South wind 15 to 20 mph, with
gusts as high as 24 mph

"Here are some mostly 3rd-person
observations on the lesson. Feel free
to use on your site:

I was very pleased with this sailing
lesson. I had originally planned to sail
with my two young sons. On the
scheduled sailing day, Randle
correctly assessed rapidly decreasing
weather conditions and increasing
wind speeds as an unsafe environment
for the boys. We changed our plans
and decided to take the lesson with
another adventurous adult. We were
one of a very-few centerboard boats
on the lake that day. The winds were
strong, gusty and a little unpredictable
(at least to me) in the center of the
lake. Randle took us to an area to
practice that was somewhat sheltered
in the lee of the south shore of the
lake. It was sometimes harry,
sometimes wet but always fun. I
learned  much and I hope to continue
my sailing education. Thanks for a
great first lesson, Randle!

Truly, I enjoyed it.
Fair Winds and a Following Sea,
April 10, 2011 - Sailing in 20 to 30 mph wind. Photo courtesy of Bubba Horner, LCYC.
Stacy instructing a youth on a Dolphin Junior
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Specifics to lessons:
Where do we meet / sail from?
I will choose a suitable location that is
sailboat friendly.

Is it possible to meet at our lake
house? It's on the water
It may be possible
Can we get Sunfish lessons on
ighland lakes?
I can get you Sunfish lessons on
Canyon Lake, but the time, effort, and  
expense of bringing Sunfish are
prohibitive. Sorry.
Are your lesson tuition rates the
same on H
ighland lakes as on
Canyon Lake?
No, tuition structure is a little more
expensive . The rates are below.
How many can be in a lesson?
The minimum number for a lesson is 1.
The maximum is 3
, or 4 with prior
What are costs for lessons?
1 Day Lesson:
Up to 3 Students - $495,
2 Day Lesson:
Up to 3 Students - $895,
We're Sold! We want to schedule a
lesson. How do we do that?
1. Check my calendar on the HOME page for available
2. Call me at 210-286-4392 to verify availability.
3. Purchase lesson below. Be sure to view
Disclosures and
Policies page before purchasing.
4. After lesson purchase, I will send a confirmation,
directions, and syllabus.
5. Review videos included in syllabus and look forward to a
most amazing event in your life.
Highland Lakes TUITION