Basic Knowledge:
  • Safe Sailboat Operating Procedures
  • Texas Boat Safety Requirements
  • Knots and How They Are Used
  • How to Properly Secure Your Boat At The Dock
  • Right of Way Rules

Sailing Techniques:
  • How to sail with the wind, against the wind, and across the
  • How to leave and return to a dock under sail
  • How to Heave-to and Man Overboard Recovery

(Specific skills covered in lesson are subject to wind and
weather conditions. Safety is always our number 1
Sailing Lesson Curriculum
Safety is our Number
One Priority!
We provide Personal Flotation Devices
(PFD) (Life Jackets) for use during

Mid November through the end of
March, ALL passengers in the cockpit
or on boat deck
wear a PFD.

Curricular Materials
Upon signing up for a lesson, I will
email you a syllabus with helpful
information to prepare you for your
South Texas Sailing
Click HERE to
check available
Sailing is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy family

I teach on weekends and school holidays. A lesson is 6 hours,
mostly on the water. My group fee is $160 per person per
The maximum in a lesson is 4 people.

My fee for a private lesson is $320 for up to 6 hours and
$50/hr after that.
The maximum in a private lesson is 2

Classes are conducted on Canyon Lake, 45 miles north of San
Antonio & 50 miles south of Austin.

The usual sequence for a lesson starts with general boating
safety, dock and slip procedures including knots and how to
tie them, and then we get out onto the lake. A lot of the
instruction and practice is done in the form of games.
teaches precision sailing and heaving-to.
Merry-Go-Round reinforces smooth  tacking and smooth
gybing, as well as dead reckoning sailing. Lessons will include
sight seeing on the lake.
March 14, 2010
Kerry Klingborg
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Kerry Klingborg at the helm
Kerry had set up a lesson originally
scheduled for Saturday, March 13th, but the
air proved to be much lighter than desired
so we rescheduled for the next day at 11. I
arrived at the lake at 10. The air was as still
as it could be. I called him to suggest he
come up an hour later. We agreed to meet
at the boat at noon.

For most of the time on the water, Kerry was
at the helm. He practiced tacking and jibing.
We took a tour of the shoreline across the
cove and practiced man-over-board drills
with the mooring buoys.

The lake was alive with activity due to the
warm temperature and good wind. We had
lots of opportunities to review right of way
April 10, 2010
Brandon and Laura
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I had a chance to sail with Brandon and Laura on
Saturday, April 10th.
It was an exciting afternoon. We
left the marina under sail and wind of about 10 mph.  
The wind remained constant at 10 mph until about
4:30 when it dropped in speed. We then put up the
foresail, or jib. Putting up a jib is like turning on the
turbo charger on a car; it gives you more power. This
went well for the next hour until the wind returned with
a vengeance. The white caps on the lake suggested
the wind was at least 15 mph. Brandon and Laura
handled the increase quite well. To reduce the
increased force of the wind on the sails, Brandon and
my daughter, Stacy, took down the jib. This reduced
our sail area and make the boat easier to control.
Laura took the helm and returned us to the marina
side of the lake. It was a great lesson with good friends
and a very enjoyable afternoon,
"We certainly enjoyed the day. It was a good learning
experience and very relaxing. We're looking forward
to sailing with you in the future."
- Brandon
Randle Moore encouraging a new sailor
April 11, 2010
Jess and Thom
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On Sunday, April 11, 2010 Jess and Thom
joined me for one of those typical light air
days at Canyon Lake.
A slight mist hung in the
air. We sailed out of the marina with both main
sail and fore sail up. It was a good experience
sailing in light air. Many people prefer fresher
winds, but the overcast day and cooler
temperature was enjoyed by a select few people
on the lake. At times it was so quite, we could
hear the birds while out in the middle of the lake.
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April 18, 2010
Heather and Walt
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A smile for sailing on Canyon Lake
April 18, 2010 If Canyon Lake has the
reputation for light air, how come the
wind blows so hard at times?
 Well, you
know what they say about the weather in
Texas, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a
minute, it will change." Sunday was a great day
to be out on the lake with Heather and Walt.
After several days or torrential downpours, a
cool breezy day, slightly overcast was just what
the doctor ordered to cure cabin fever.
Heather and Walt had a chance to sail in fresh
to strong winds. Click on their names above for
a full description of the lesson.
September 18, 2010 Sailing With David and
 There's nothing like a hurricane in the Gulf
to create a little weather on Canyon Lake. At the time
David and Carmen arrived at the Canyon Lake
Marina, the wind was blowing steady out of the
north-northeast at about 10 mph. By the time we
cleared the break-water to enter the lake, the wind
had picked up to about 12 mph. At 12 mph, the water
forms whitecaps here and there. If the water is forming
whitecaps consistently but small, the wind is blowing
about 15 mph. We sailed for several hours
criss-crossing the cove near the marina, avoiding
Treasure Island. Throughout the lesson we kept a
sharp lookout to the east, watching for heavy weather.
About 2 PM the clouds had turned ominous enough
that I ordered the boat back to the marina. By 2:30,
we had the boat back in its slip. My slip neighbor's
radar picture confirmed converging thunderstorms
approaching the lake. By 3:30 the heavens had
opened up.  I definitely look forward to sailing with
David and Carmen again.
Oct. 2nd & 3rd, 2010  Susan, Sandi, and Sandra join
me for cool afternoons and a steady wind.
I had the
pleasure have teaching a two day lesson to three young
women from Austin. Saturday, the winds ranged from
dead calm to blowy, with the wind mostly from the
northeast, sometimes from the east and sometimes from
the west. Sunday was much better. The wind was
consistently about 10 mph from the north-northeast (see
bow wave in upper right picture). Bright sunshine, mild
temperature (80 degrees), and the steady wind brought
out lots of sailboats. We had many opportunities to
practice right of way rules.

"I enjoyed our sailing lesson over the weekend, and
feel that I learned a "boat-load". Thank you so much
for your time and expertise. It was truly a pleasure."
-- Susan
Temperatures and  
Steady Winds.

A new sailing
season has arrived!

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Day or 2 Day sailing
Nov. 20, 2010 Sailing on a breezy day
with Chris and Jasmine
My daughter and I sailing our Flying Scot
The instruction boat below is a Flying Scot. It has a large roomy
cockpit ( 8 feet long) and is quite comfortable for a class of 3
students plus instructor. Our lead instructor holds
Small Boat Sailing Instructor certification
Photo courtesy of Bubba Horner, LCYC, March 13, 2011
April 3, 2011
South wind 15 to 20 mph, with
gusts as high as 24 mph

"Here are some mostly 3rd-person
observations on the lesson. Feel free
to use on your site:

I was very pleased with this sailing
lesson. I had originally planned to sail
with my two young sons. On the
scheduled sailing day, Randle
correctly assessed rapidly decreasing
weather conditions and increasing
wind speeds as an unsafe environment
for the boys. We changed our plans
and decided to take the lesson with
another adventurous adult. We were
one of a very-few centerboard boats
on the lake that day. The winds were
strong, gusty and a little unpredictable
(at least to me) in the center of the
lake. Randle took us to an area to
practice that was somewhat sheltered
in the lee of the south shore of the
lake. It was sometimes harry,
sometimes wet but always fun. I
learned  much and I hope to continue
my sailing education. Thanks for a
great first lesson, Randle!

Truly, I enjoyed it.
Fair Winds and a Following Sea,
April 10, 2011 - Sailing in 20 to 30 mph wind. Photo courtesy of Bubba Horner, LCYC.
Stacy instructing a youth on a Dolphin Junior
July 2, 2011 Southeast wind
between 5 and 10 mph.

"We enjoyed our sailing lesson very
much. I liked the links that you sent
out prior to our lesson. Since we knew
nothing about sailing, I found the vidios
to be very informative. I thought that
the "classroom" presentation was good
and lasted the right amount of time.
Our favorite part was actually sailing
your boat. The part I need more
assistance with, was trying to
determine the direction of the wind and
the placement of the boat to catch the
wind. Taking a dip was an excellent
way to pass time in the hot weather
waiting for the wind to pick up. I would
gladly recommend your sailing
instruction to others wanting to learn
how to sail.
" - JIm & Cristine

July 3, 2011. West southwest wind
between 5 and 10.

"We both racked our brains about the
lesson, and the conclusion was that it
was great, we learned a lot really liked
getting the actual “terms”. We loved
being able to help do it all from
unloading to loading the boat. Overall
the lesson was exactly what we wanted
as far as learning how and getting
involved to the point that we would feel
good about taking on buying a boat
and researching things ourselves.
Thanks again!

Megan & Ricky
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January 14, 2012 Sunny with a high
near 64. West southwest wind
around 5 mph.

Jen and I had a great time sailing
today. Thanks for helping me
introduce the sailing experience to her
in such a fun, positive and educational
way. I think we are off to a great start
to many years of enjoying boats
together. I recommend your course to
any beginning family or couple
interested in sailboats.
Fair winds and following seas,
Mike Morgan, MLE"
Wichita Falls TX
Copyright 2010 - 2012 Randle B. Moore