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South Texas Sailing
Kerry Klingborg
March 14, 2010
Sunday, March14, 2010, was a great day for
sailing on Canyon Lake. Kerry had set up a
lesson originally scheduled for Saturday, March
13th, but the air proved to be much lighter than
desired so we rescheduled for the next day at 11.
I arrived at the lake at 10. The air was as still as it
could be. I called him to suggest he come up an
hour later. We agreed to meet at the boat at

Kerry has a boat about the size of my boat and
has sailed, but he wanted to get more practice at
the helm before taking his boat out on his own.
We met at noon at the Canyon Lake Marina off of
FM 306. It took no time at all to prepare the boat
for sailing. Due to good winds and warm
temperature, the marina and lake was full of
activity. After clearing the breakwater, we turned
the boat into the wind.

Kerry hoisted the mainsail and then the jib while I
steered.   Our emphasis for the day was control
of the boat. For most of the time on the water,
Kerry was at the helm. He practiced tacking and
Kerry did an outstanding job of
mastering a smooth jibe, just enough turn
for a smooth transition.
We took a tour of the
shoreline across the cove and practiced
man-over-board drills with the mooring buoys.
Our tour of the lake included taking in the sights
and interacting with other boaters, both sail and
power. The lake level is good. Treasure Island is
once again an island. We left the dock a little
after noon and reluctantly returned about 5:30.
By 6 we had docked, properly secured the boat,
and left it ship-shape. It was a great afternoon
with great company, great conversation, and
great sailing to be long remembered.
I look
forward to sailing with Kerry again.
Kerry at the helm
Heading out across the cove near the marina
Winds of Time towing a dinghy. They later tied up to mooring buoy and motored to shore.
Touring the shoreline across the lake
Water skier in a wet suit (cold water)
Back side of Treasure Island; once again an island
Two sunbathers soaking up the rays
Before leaving, we secured the main (under cover) and stowed the jib.