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South Texas Sailing
Jess and Thom
April 11, 2010
Sunday, April 11, 2010 Sunday began misty and
calm. I called Jess and Thom about 9 to see if
they would prefer to reschedule since it was
foggy and damp. By the time they returned my
call about 10:45, the fog had lifted. They were all
ready at the lake. I suggested we meet at the
Lucky Sailor at 11:30 since the forecast was for
rain in mid afternoon.

We began with knots and safety, then we rigged
the boat with mainsail and jib. There was just
enough wind for us to sail from the slip around
the E-wing to the mouth of marina. We used both
the main and the jib for the entire lesson due to
the light air. Canyon Lake is a light air lake and
Sunday was quite typically. The wind was
completely opposite from the day before.
Saturday had sustained winds at 10 mph plus to
over 15 mph. I doubt if the wind ever peaked at
10 mph on Sunday. For several hours we
practiced tacking and gybing north and south in
front of the marina.
Both Thom and Jess tack
quite well.
Then we played "Good Buoy". About
3 pm, the wind dropped to next to nothing. It took
us 45 minutes to sail from the north end of the
marina to the south end.(I've decided when I win
the Lotto, I'm going to have slips at both
entrances of the marina.) The wind was out of
due East, so entering the marina channel to
round the E-wing required short and frequent
tacks. This is a reason many sailors have a small
motor for their boat. Having a motor on your boat
is not giving in to the dark side; it is frequently a
prudent thing to do. When you have a boat in a
sheltered marina or in a busy marina, it is a good
idea to have a small motor. I use a 30 pound
thrust Minn Kota with a 12 volt deep cycle marine
battery. We pulled up to the E-wing just long
enough to pull out the battery and hook up the
motor. Moments later, we were in the slip
de-rigging the sails.
I look forward to sailing
with Jess and Thom again.
Jess at the helm
Thom at the helm