Add bow flotation
(on the cheap)
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The Flying Scot class rules added the requirement of adding a bow bag or some other means of additional positive buoyancy of at least 300
pounds. I checked the cost of purchasing a bow bag from Flying Scot, Inc. At the time I looked into it, the cost was more than I thought I could do it

Being a high school math teacher and a cheap skate, I used the formula for the volume of a sphere (Volume = 4/3 times pi times the radius raised
to 3) to determine how many inflatable beach balls @ $0.99 each it would take to provide the additional buoyancy desired. Each cubic foot of air
contained in a beach ball will support approximately 62 pounds in fresh water.  I had seven 20 inch (diameter) beach balls on hand. My
computations said seven 20 inch beach balls would provide positive buoyancy of approximately 1050 pounds. Cool!

I inflated the beach balls to about 80% capacity. Temperatures in south Texas easily go over 100F in the summer, so I did not fully inflate the balls
to avoid having them burst in the heat. Then I wrapped them in a pickup-truck expandable cargo net and tucked the bundle under the fore deck.
Lastly, I tied a 1/8th inch line from the bundle to a secure hold under the fore deck.

The whole cost of my additional flotation was:
7 beach balls @ $0.99 = $6.93 (purchased at grocery store
1 truck expandable cargo net @ $24.99 (purchased at a auto parts store)
Total ======================  $31.92 plus tax

Photos of what I used and how I installed it are below.  Since there never seems to be a maximum on what I can spend on my boats, I'm delighted to
find a cheap fix
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