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Please Be Courteous
Lesson Purchase,
Cancellations and Refunds
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do I have to know how to swim?
NO! However, you do need to be comfortable
wearing a PFD (lifejacket) at all times and be
comfortable wearing a PFD in water that is deeper
than you are tall.
2. What if it rains on the day of the lesson?
Light or intermittent rain is common at some times
of the year. Students should bring rain gear.
What if the weather is not safe for the
Safety is always the number one priority. The
instructor will make a determination of safety
based on the wind conditions and class make up.
Lessons may need to be rescheduled to a mutual
agreed date. Please remember lesson purchases
may be redeemed up to one year of purchase date.
How long does a lesson last?
We offer multiple options of sailing lessons based
upon the student's needs.
Our standard introductory group or private lesson
is a day (approximately six hours). Our standard
introductory Sunfish lesson is taught in three-hour
blocks; maximum two per day.
What if I purchase a two day lesson but
find I don't like it after one day, can I get a
refund on the second day?
Should you need to leave the class before its
completion, for any reason, no refunds or
adjustments can be made for any unused portion
of the course. Rescheduling the second day may
be an option by mutual agreement.
What happens if I travel a long way to take
your classes on specific days, but weather
conditions are such that we don't sail on one
or more days. I have to return home and it's
inconvenient for me to return. Do I get a
refund on my lesson purchase?
The best I can do is offer to reschedule. Please
remember lesson purchases are transferable and
are valid for redemption up to one year of
purchase date. You may wish to consider travel
insurance to cover possible loss due to a variety of
Please note that I must drive 45 miles
Canyon Lake and 23 miles to
Braunig Lake
. If you find the need
to cancel, please give me the
courtesy of earliest notice possible. In
the event an emergency comes up on
my end, I will extend the same
courtesy to you.
Lesson purchases are expected to be paid
in advance.
Payments are preferred to be
made via the PayPal link on my website.
Checks, postal money orders, and cash are
also accepted.
Expiration of lesson purchases. Lessons
purchased may be redeemed anytime within
one year of purchase.
Cancellation: A lesson purchase may be
cancelled by midnight (Central) of the sixth
(6th)  calendar day following receipt of a
Upon a student's request at the time
of cancellation, a full refund will be made. You
may use the linked Notice of Cancellation or
use you own.
Notice of Cancellation must be made in
writing by email or U.S. Mail.
confirmation of receipt of
Notice of
by South Texas Sailing is
Cancellation addresses:
Randle Moore
609 Sunhaven Drive
Windcrest TX 78239
Lesson purchases will not be cancelled  after
midnight (Central) of the sixth (6th) calendar
day following receipt of a payment.
However, lesson may be rescheduled or
transferred to another person without penalty.
Original expiration date remains unchanged

All lessons and courses taught by South Texas
Sailing will follow these above stated policies
unless modified for a specific lesson or course.
Gift certificates:
Gift certificates have no cash value and
may not be redeemed for anything
except sailing instruction.
Gift certificates expire one year following
purchase date.
Gift certificates may be transferred by
any means to anyone of original
purchaser's choice. Original purchaser
will bear expense of certificate transfer.
No cash refunds will be made for gift
Effective date of  Lesson Purchases, Cancellations, Rescheduling,
and Refunds policies is July 29, 2013
The Fine Print
Terms and Conditions
Specific to
US Sailing Small Boat
Sailor Certification
1. 50% tuition deposit is due when
registering for a course. Balance is due
by no later than first class day if the
course is held in Bexar, Comal, Kendall,
or Medina Counties, Texas. Balance is
due thirty (30) calendar days prior to the
first class day if the course is held at any
other venue.

2. Group classes will “make” with a
minimum of two students and will contain
a maximum of four.

"Make" date:
Bexar County area venues:
Seven (7)
calendar days before first day of the
course, registered students will receive a
confirmation of “make” or notice of
course cancellation.
Other venues: Thirty-one (31)
calendar days before the first day of the
course, registered students will receive a
confirmation of "make" or notice of
course cancellation.

3. In the event course does not “make”
by seven (7) calendar days before first
day of course, students will receive full
refund of all tuition received to date.
Learn Sailing Right! and Small Boat
Certification Record Book will remain
property of student.

4. Scheduled group class schedules may
not be switched or substituted.

5. Class dates may be changed by South
Texas Sailing personnel due to inclement
weather (as determined by South Texas
Sailing personal) or boat malfunction. A
make-up day is built into the course