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DVDs - Beginning Sailing Instruction
Basic Sailing Skills, with Chesapeake Sailing School, Show Me Videos,
Learn to Sail (2008)
Basic sailing Instruction, June 20, 2008
By  Newby Sailor "Newby Sailor"

This is an excellent DVD for learning an overview of sailing, the terminology, and
the concepts of how a boat reacts to wind direction. All of the mechanics of actually
operating a sailboat are first explained in a classroom setting and then
demonstrated out on the water. I particularly liked the fact that Gary does his
instruction single handed so you can see how one person can raise the sails, and
go through all of the steps of sailing and operating the boat when alone. All of the
key maneuvers such as tacking, gybing, etc. are demonstrated several times to
reinforce each point. Most of the video is on the water footage. I have viewed two
other basic sailing DVDs and this is by far the best and most recently produced
(2008) If you watch this before starting your sailing lessons, it will be much easier
to learn because you will know what to expect.
Learn to Sail (1992)
A Must Have Video for New Sailors, June 27, 2004
By  Lawrence Dexter

Originally released on VHS tape in the early eighties, this presentation has
probably been seen by more new sailors than any other. Condensed from a week
long sailing course, renowned Olympic sailor Steve Colgate expertly instructs
Audrey Landers (from TV's 'Dallas') and Sam Jones ('Flash Gordon, the Movie') on
how to sail.
All necessary topics are covered, including boarding the boat, terminology, setting
the sails, a few knots, points of sail, maneuvers (i.e. tacking and gibing) and
rescuing a crew member overboard -- to name but a few. The presentation is
concise and easy to understand.

The footage is culled from a week long course, so there are one or two scenes
that touch from each principle area of Steve's instruction. The participants are
clearly actually learning to sail. The errors they make are not edited out, so you
can see the result of making them. Near the end, Steve states that the course
MUST be taken while getting some practical experience as well. This is very
important. View the presentation a few times prior to going out, then review it again
between sails, and you'll get the maximum benefit. Repeat as needed.
The Racing Sailor (2007)
Good for beginning and intermediate sailor.
March 2010 by Randle Moore

The video has two basic parts. There is a fundamental explanation of
sailing and terms. Then, there is an excellent introduction to sailboat
racing. The speaker is clear, the graphics are excellent, and the
concepts are well presented.
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