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Boat Directory: Viper 15
(Under Construction)
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                        Low  Hi   Avg
Not a PHRF boat
PORTSMOUTH:       D-PN  - 94.5
(There are several sailboats called
Viper. This D-PN may not be correct.)

Specifications for Viper 15
Links to more photos:
Links to How to Fix articles:
Wind Line Sails -
How to install an inspection port
How to find that leak!
Repairing a Split in a Hull/Deck Joint
A quick and effective wind indicator
The Points of Sailboat Maintenance
Sunfish Direct - Miscellaneous Repairs
and Maintenance
Sunfish Forum -
Fixing foam block
Hairline cracks in gelcoat-Need to fix?
Fixing a "holey" Sunfish
Fiberglass repair
Install inspection port(s)???

Links to How to Fix videos:
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Links to
Fillip Mfg. Co. - San Angelo
(Concho Valley Marine?)

User Groups:

Class Association:

Informational articles:

Outside - Review: The Small-Boat Revolution

How to sail articles:
Associated Content -
How to Rig a Sunfish Sailboat
Your First Sailboat
Sunfish Club Aruba - Tips & Tricks

How to sail videos:
See below books
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Photos needed for this page.
I would appreciate receiving any
photos you have of the Viper 15. I can
only use photos for which you have
copyright ownership.
I have included some generic articles
due to the rigging and hull similarity to
the Sunfish.