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South Texas Sailing
Boat Directory: Sunspot  14
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Not a PHRF boat
PORTSMOUTH:       D-PN  - no rating

Length: 13 ft 10 in
Early design of
Colin Mudie, British
Naval Architect & Yacht Designer.
Very rare.
Double keel family beach boat.
Hull material is ABS thermoplastic.
Minimum draft: 8 inches

Kick-up rudder - nice for beaching
Long double sided tiller arm - easy to
control tiller
Original sail manufactured by Neil
Pryde of Hong Kong

Per Owner’s Handbook:
May be transported on a small boat trailer,
on a snowmobile trailer or on top of car.
Sails fastest with one person but easily
carries a family of four
Extremely stable and is totally foam filled  
Cleans easily with mild detergent and water
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Photo Source: Author's daughter, taken at LCYC in August 2010