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Boat Directory: Starfish
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Not a PHRF boat
PORTSMOUTH:       D-PN  - 99.6 (Sunfish)

Specifications for Sunfish
Length (ft/m)          13.9      4.24
Beam (ft/m)              4.10    1.25
Draft  (ft/m)              2.11    0.64
Sail Area (ft2/m2)   75.00    6.97
Hull Weight (lb/kg) 120.00  54.43
Capacity                    1-2 people
Skill Level        Beginner - Expert
Race Level      Club - International
Optimal Weight (lb/kg)   140/190  63/86
Transport          car toppable
Laser Performance

Measurements of Starfish
Length: 13 feet 8 inches
Beam:   40 inches
Source: Author measurements
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mid 1980s. Upward price changes in raw materials put many clone
companies, operating on razer thin margins, out of business. Many of
the clones were so closely designed to match the Sunfish that
specifications of the Sunfish are referenced as specifications for the

Many of the articles and videos on this page are well suited to the
Starfish. I have added Starfish specific articles as I have found them.