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ISLANDER 38 C          167 167 165
PORTSMOUTH: not available

Hull Type:    Long Keel
Type: sloop
LOA: 38.0 ft
Length at Water Line: 27.5 ft
Beam: 12 ft
Draft (max) 5. 3 ft
Displacement 17,000 lb
Ballast: 7,700 lb
Hull material: Fiberglass
First built: 1972, Last built: 1974
Auxiliary power (original):
Make: Pathfinder  Model: 55 MF
Type: Diesel
Designed by:
Robert Perry
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Photos of Islander Freeport 38 requested.
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November 14, 2005
By offshore "Chris"  This review is
from: Get Ready to CRUISE: Lin &
Larry Pardey - Offshore Sailing Part 1
Lin and Larry might not have made a
big budget production, but they pass
on a lot of info here. I bought this and
Get rEady to cross oceans. Enjoyed
the sailing scenes that illustrate the
ideas. Wish I knew more about where
some of the scenes came from. But
that is not what the DVD is about - its
about outfitting ideas and there are
plenty here. I particularly like the
storage ideas. Second DVD had more
about actually being at sea - this one
is sort of the starter, Cross Oceans
carries on.

Loved the pics of their 110 year old
race boat in New Zealand. These folks
are trying to keep sailing even though
they must be in their 60's. A real
recommended, February 25, 2003
By A Customer [of]

Bought this as an Xmas gift for my partner and it
has cost me a bundle. We both found it so
encouraging he asked me to buy more copies for
several friends who are getting ready to go
cruising. The Pardeys not only discuss their
ideas of what to do in a storm, but also try to put
it all in perspective - taking a lot of the scare out
of being at sea. I liked seeing some of the ideas
used to secure gear inside boats, liked their
detailed discussion of storm sails. Though they
mention their voyage around Cape Horn, they
show that with planning they always had loads of
searoom around them when they hit the worst
storms. Though it would have been great to see
shots of their boat battling around the Horn, I
know this would have meant hiring Helicopters,
camera men etc. This program is definitely not
Hollywood, nor Discovery channel, it is good solid
how to stuff. Hope to get to one of their seminars
if they ever do one in our area.