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Boat Directory: Hunter 170
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 not rated for PHRF
PORTSMOUTH: 92.7 (no spinnaker)

Length Overall                   17'1" 5.18 m
Waterline Length               14'5" 4.39 m
Beam                                 7'0" 2.13 m
Draft –                           Board Up  6" 0.15 m
Draft –                    Board Down  4'6" 1.37 m
Sail Area – Turbo Sail  150 sq ft  13.95 sq m
Mast Height                        25'6"  7.77 m  
Weight                               480 lbs  218 kg  
Towing Weight                   760 lbs  345 kg  
Maximum Capacity             6
Maximum Power                 2.5 HP  1.85 kW

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Photo: Courtesy of Hunter Marine
What is the boat hull actually made of?
What is
Advanced Composite Process?
My Opinion: The Hunter 170 seems
to be have a split personality. Critics
acclaim its ease of sail, roominess, and
versatility. Yet owners, particularly
those in northern climates complain
about cracks forming. The following is
my attempt to explain the weakness of
the ACP hull. The outer layer of the
ACP hull is made from a polycarbonate
plastic called
LURAN-S manufactured
by BASF. "Polycarbonate is
transparent, highly impact and weather
resistant, and
it can be used over a
wide temperature range
. However,
polycarbonate plastic also shows
weaknesses, for example with regard

to its chemical and
stress cracking resistance
or its
processing stability."
Source: Plastics
Portal Europe. The data information
sheetS for Luran-S used to form the
exterior shell is located
Although, the outer shell is
designed to weather a wide range of
temperatures, it would appear
owners in moderate climates may
experience less durability issues.