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Boat Directory: Hobie 14
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 not rated for PHRF
US Sailing

ISAF Status           International
Year of status      2 ####change
Type                      Multihull
No. of Crew          2
Designer              Hobie Alter
National Origins   USA
Year Designed    1969
Number of Trapeze Twin
Hull Length          5.05 m
Beam Length       2.41 m
Draught Length   0.203 m
Mainsail Area       13.77 m2
Headsail Area      5.12 m2
Spinnaker Area   None
Sail Area (Upwind) 20.25 m2
Boat Weight        145.28 kg

Int'l Hobie 16 Class Association
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Much of the information found on this page covers the Hobie Cat 16, a bigger
sister. As more information is found specific to the Hobie 14, it will be added to this