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Boat Directory: Flying Scot
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208 with spinnaker per Hill Country
Yacht Club, Texas (yr. 2010)

Length, overall 19'/5.8 m.
Length, waterline 18' 6"/5.6 m.
Beam 6' 9"/2.0 m.
Draft, board up 8"/.2 m.
Draft, board down 48"/1.2 m.
Mast height, above water 28'/8.6 m.
Sail Area, main & jib 191 sq. ft./17.65 sq. m.
Sail Area, spinnaker 200 sq. ft./18.6 sq. m.
Weight, 850 lbs./385 kg.
Gross Trailering weight: 1200 lbs./545 kg.

Crew Capacity: 8 adults / 1450 pounds
Flying Scot
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Sixty Years Behind the Mast, written
by Gordon K. Douglass - Designer and
Builder of the Flying Scot. This is a
fascinating autobiography
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Photo Source:, Jan. 17, 2011
Video below shows how right a capsized Flying Scot. Note
prevent mast from turtling. Note the importance of having a
safety line at stern of FS for re-entry to boat. A FS may be
difficult to reboard without a safety line or swim ladder.
Excellent videos in which Coach Greg Fisher comments on sailing
style of student and gives student directions to improve sailing
technique.  CSF - "Coach Greg Fisher: Video #1"
I have embedded some
videos from Youtube below.
Serious and want to be
serious Flying Scot sailors,
be sure to watch the videos
at the bottom of the page.
They are videos in which
Greg Fisher of North Sails
One Design coach Flying
Scot sailors at the Lake
Norman Yacht Club.
Sail Trimming on a Flying Scot