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Endeavour 37  Sloop
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                           Low  Hi   Avg
ENDEAVOUR 37            186 195 189
ENDEAVOUR 37 BS       180 189 183
ENDEAVOUR 37 BS TM 195 195 195
ENDEAVOUR 37 TM 180 180 180
ENDEAVOUR 37 YAWL 177 177 177
PORTSMOUTH: not available

LOA: 37'5"
LWL: 30'
BEAM: 11'7"
DRAFT: 4'6"
DSPL: 20,000lbs
BALLAST: 8,000lbs (internal lead)
MAST: 46'0" DWL

SLOOP (TALL): 726 sq ft
SLOOP: 580 sq ft

100% FT:
SLOOP (TALL): 414 sq ft
SLOOP: 322 sq ft

SLOOP (TALL): 312 sq ft
SLOOP: 258 sq ft

Endeavour Yachts -
Robert Johnson
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