Imagine gracefully gliding across the lake on a sunny
. My name is Randle Moore. I specialize in teaching
private and small group lessons to beginning sailors on Canyon
Lake, Texas.
I especially enjoy teaching couples and
families.  All lessons are taught by a
U.S. Sailing certified
Sailing Instructor.
Sailing Season Has
Sailing is a wonderful way to relax
and enjoy family time.

I teach on weekends and school holidays..

My fee for a private lesson is $360 per
day for up to 4 hours aboard my boat for
up to 6 hours aboard your boat.
[for up
to 3 people].
 The maximum in a
private lesson aboard my boat is 3
students. The maximum number of
students aboard your boat is
determined by its capacity.

I supply life jackets (when aboard my
boat) and drinks.
Lessons are available aboard my boat
or your boat.

Classes are conducted on Canyon Lake,
45 miles north of San Antonio & 50 miles
south of Austin.

For more information about sailing, please
look at the
Sailing Texas website. It
includes almost everything you might want
to know about sailing and sailboats.
South Texas Sailing
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QUEST on KQED Public Media.
Sailing Basics Video
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US SAILING certification
course is n
ot being offered at
this time.

Weekend Sailing lessons WILL

Lessons are taught by
appointment. Please contact me
to schedule a lesson.

A one day lesson is intended to give the
learner an introduction to sailing. We meet
and board the boat almost immediately.
After brief safety instruction and basic
instruction on how the boat moves through
the wind, we head out on the lake. All
instruction is done on the boat.. You will
learn by doing. It is intended that the entire
instructional time be used for you to be
sailing the boat with as much or as little
instruction as needed.

The second day of the sailing lesson starts
with a brief recap of what we did on the first
day of lesson and clarification of learner
questions. Then,
WE SAIL!  It is intended
that by the end of the second day, the
learner will feel comfortable with leaving a
dock under sail and returning to a dock
under sail, and navigating across the lake to
specific destinations. Although I recommend
the second day of instruction be the next
day, it is not required.
Instructional Boat, A Flying Scot,  Sailing near LCYC - Photo Courtesy of Bubba Horner
Sailing in 20 to 30 mph winds 4/10/11. Photo courtesy of Bubba Horner, LCYC.
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For prior arranged, special pricing not
included in the standard menu, use the
Paypal "donation" link below.. It is
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Call Today to schedule a lesson!
Call Today to
schedule a lesson!
Please read Disclosures, Policies,
and FAQ before making a purchase.

Have you ever imagined what it would
feel like to sail confidently across the
rippling waters of a Hill Country lake?  
Many people have felt just as you feel.
They have found the way to achieve this
is to learn to sail proficiently. The four
day US Sailing Small Boat Sailor
certification course is exactly what they
needed to move from novice to sailor.
Click here for information about the
Sailing Small Boat Certification Course.
Please read Disclosures, Policies, and FAQ
before making a purchase.
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